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Case Study: WLG – Growth in Beauty and Wellness with WebCommitment.nl

Project Overview

WebCommitment.nl, specialized in developing websites, webshops, platforms, apps, and online marketing, has created a B2B platform for WLG, a distributor of beauty accessories, skincare products, and food supplements across Europe and beyond. WLG works closely with bold and innovative brands, supporting their growth by managing their distribution through multiple channels.


The challenge was to create a B2B platform that could accommodate WLG’s complex distribution structure. This platform needed not only to effectively present the various brands and products but also to serve specific customer groups with exclusive access and personalized pricing.


WebCommitment.nl addressed this challenge by:

  • B2B Platform Development: Designing and developing a customized B2B platform that is accessed through a login. This ensures that specific brands and products are exclusively available to certain WLG customer groups, providing a personalized experience.
  • Personalized Access: Implementing a system where customers access the platform based on their customer group. This allows WLG to tailor products and prices to the specific needs and agreements with their diverse customer base.
  • Special Pricing per Customer (Group): The platform features functionality to set special pricing per customer or customer group. This enables WLG to flexibly manage their pricing policy while maintaining strong relationships with their partners.


The B2B platform has enabled WLG to manage their distribution process more efficiently and effectively. By offering personalized access and pricing, WLG has elevated their service to a new level, resulting in strengthened relationships with their customers and brand partners. The platform also facilitates the management of an extensive product portfolio and supports WLG’s growth strategy in the beauty and wellness sector.


The collaboration between WebCommitment.nl and WLG illustrates how digital solutions can be utilized to support the complex needs of a B2B distribution business. The customized B2B platform not only provides a solution for specific challenges such as customer-specific access and pricing but also contributes to the growth and success of WLG in the dynamic market of beauty and wellness products. This project demonstrates the importance of a flexible and customer-focused approach in the B2B sector.


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