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Case Study: Wear2 – Innovation in Textile Recycling with WebCommitment.nl

Project Overview

WebCommitment.nl, specialized in developing websites, webshops, platforms, apps, and online marketing, has collaborated with Wear2, a pioneer in the textile industry utilizing the innovative and European-subsidized sewing thread Wear2® Thread. This thread loses its strength under the influence of electromagnetic energy, allowing clothing to be completely disassembled at the end of its life cycle.


The challenge for Wear2 was to create awareness around their revolutionary product and the associated Tunnel Disassembler technology, operational in the demonstration separation hub in Etten-Leur (Netherlands). The goal was to increase visibility and understanding of this innovative recycling method and to spark interest among the industry and consumers.


WebCommitment.nl supported Wear2 on multiple fronts:

  • Website Development and Maintenance: Development of a user-friendly website providing extensive information about Wear2® Thread and the Tunnel Disassembler. Regular maintenance and updates ensure the site remains current and effective.
  • Online Marketing: Execution of various online marketing activities to promote Wear2’s innovations. This includes SEO strategies to enhance findability and targeted campaigns to reach specific audiences.
  • Hosting: Provision of hosting services, ensuring Wear2’s website is always accessible, fast, and secure for visitors.
  • Animations and Posts: Creation of animations and social media posts to present the unique properties of Wear2® Thread in a visually appealing manner and effectively spread the message.


The combined efforts of WebCommitment.nl and Wear2 have resulted in increased awareness and interest in the innovative recycling technology. The website and marketing activities have effectively disseminated information about the potential of Wear2® Thread for the textile recycling industry and have contributed to positioning Wear2 as a leader in sustainable innovation.


This case study illustrates the success of the collaboration between WebCommitment.nl and Wear2 in highlighting a breakthrough in textile recycling. Through digital marketing, creative content, and a strong online presence, Wear2 has been able to effectively communicate their message and take a significant step towards a more sustainable textile industry. This project demonstrates the importance of an integrated digital strategy in promoting innovation and sustainability in traditional sectors.


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