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Case Study: Threewells – Natural Nutritional Supplements Worldwide with

Project Overview, an expert in developing websites, webshops, platforms, apps, and online marketing, has developed a customized webshop for Threewells. Threewells boasts over 20 years of experience in the development, distribution, and sale of 100% natural nutritional supplements to consumers, therapists, doctors, and clinics worldwide.


Threewells aimed to create a user-friendly online presence that not only showcases their wide range of natural nutritional supplements but also offers advanced functionalities to serve both consumers and healthcare professionals.

Solution implemented the following functionalities in Threewells’ webshop:

  • Advice Questionnaire: An integrated questionnaire that assists customers in finding the right nutritional supplements based on their personal health needs.
  • Product Packages: The option for customers to choose product packages, which is not only convenient but also cost-effective.
  • Multilingual: A multilingual webshop to serve an international audience and enhance accessibility for non-Dutch speaking customers.
  • Customer Roles including Discount Percentages: Different customer roles within the webshop, including specific discount percentages per package and product, to reward loyalty and encourage therapists and doctors to recommend the products.
  • Product Flip Overs for More Information: Additional product information that becomes visible when a customer hovers over a product image, for an interactive and informative shopping experience.
  • Therapist Search Function and Commission Module: A search function that allows customers to find therapists who recommend Threewells products, linked to a commission module to reward therapists for their referrals.
  • Quick Order List: A functionality that enables returning customers to quickly and easily reorder without having to browse through the entire assortment.


The customized webshop of Threewells has enabled the company to expand their international presence and offer better service to both end-users and healthcare professionals. The advanced functionalities have contributed to increased customer satisfaction and a more efficient distribution of their natural nutritional supplements.


The collaboration between and Threewells demonstrates how digital solutions can transform businesses in the health and wellness sector. The development of an advanced webshop has not only helped Threewells to offer their products worldwide but also to support their mission in providing 100% natural nutritional supplements to a broad audience. This project emphasizes the importance of a customer-focused approach and the use of technology for business growth and expansion.


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