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Case Study: Custom Design Website with Time Tracking System for MBS Group by WebCommitment.nl

Project Overview

WebCommitment.nl, known for its expertise in developing websites, webshops, platforms, apps, and online marketing, has realized an innovative project for MBS Group. MBS Group specializes in providing responsive personnel for various ad-hoc situations, including rescue teams, safety personnel, fire guards, and emergency response (BHV) staff. The goal of this project was to develop a custom-designed website that not only effectively presents MBS Group’s services but also includes an integrated time tracking system for employees.


The main challenge was to design a website that clearly and succinctly presents MBS Group’s diverse and critical services while also accommodating the technical need for a time tracking system. This system had to be user-friendly for both the employees of MBS Group, who need to log their hours, and the administrative staff managing the data. Additionally, the requirement was for the website to have a modern and conversion-oriented design, utilizing icons and other design elements.


WebCommitment.nl developed a custom design that highlights MBS Group’s unique features:

  • Modern and Conversion-Oriented Design: The website features a modern look, with carefully selected icons and design elements that enhance user experience and increase conversion rates. The design is intuitive and engaging, aimed at convincing potential clients of the value of MBS Group’s services.
  • Integrated Time Tracking System: A key feature of the website is the integrated time tracking system. This system allows employees to easily and efficiently log their hours worked. Designed with usability and functionality in mind, the system enables employees to effortlessly keep track of their hours.


The new website for MBS Group is a prime example of how functional design and technological integration come together to create a powerful online presence. The website serves not just as a digital business card for MBS Group but also as an essential tool for managing employee time tracking. The modern, conversion-oriented design, combined with the user-friendly time tracking system, not only enhances the efficiency of internal processes but also improves the overall user experience for both employees and potential clients.


The project for MBS Group underscores WebCommitment.nl’s ability to deliver custom digital solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. By closely collaborating with MBS Group, WebCommitment.nl has created a website that presents the company’s versatile services in a clear and appealing manner while also meeting the company’s specific operational needs. This project illustrates the importance of thoughtful design and advanced functionalities in today’s digital landscape, with MBS Group’s website acting as a valuable business asset.