Leuke Cursus

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Case Study: Leuke Cursus – Inspiration and Development with WebCommitment.nl

Project Overview

WebCommitment.nl, specialized in developing websites, webshops, platforms, apps, and online marketing, created a playful and structured website for Leuke Cursus. This site serves as a platform for discovering and selling courses, and it also generates income through affiliate links. Furthermore, an animation was made to highlight the unique value of Leuke Cursus, and the offerings are made accessible through an extensive menu.


Leuke Cursus aimed to provide a platform that not only inspires visitors to embark on new adventures in the form of courses but also motivates them to develop themselves. The challenge was to create a website that is both informative and inviting, with easy navigation to a wide range of personal development courses, all priced under 300 euros.


WebCommitment.nl offered an integrated solution by:

  • Playful and Structured Design: Developing a website that visually conveys the essence of discovery and development, with a playful yet professional look.
  • Affiliate Links: Integrating affiliate links to generate a return on the courses sold, making Leuke Cursus not just a source of inspiration but also financially sustainable.
  • Animation: Crafting a custom animation that illustrates the philosophy of Leuke Cursus, encouraging visitors to follow their curiosity and desire to learn.
  • Extensive Menu with Course Offerings: Creating a clear and accessible menu that helps visitors quickly explore the course offerings and find the course that matches their interests.


The website of Leuke Cursus has quickly established itself as an inspiring place for people seeking personal development and new skills. The combination of a playful design, effective affiliate links, and a broad range of courses has led to increased engagement and course purchases.


This case study illustrates how WebCommitment.nl helped Leuke Cursus create a unique platform that inspires people to develop themselves and embark on new adventures. By combining an attractive design with a practical approach to course sales, Leuke Cursus has positioned itself as a key player in the field of online learning. This project highlights the importance of a thoughtful website and online marketing strategy for encouraging personal growth and lifelong learning.