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Case Study: Ecomax – Sustainable Packaging Solutions with

Project Overview, specialized in developing websites, webshops, platforms, apps, and online marketing, has created a sustainable and professional website for Ecomax. This site not only allows customers to purchase products but also encourages the acquisition of larger quantities through volume discounts, thereby promoting higher sales volumes.


Founded by Gerard Peeters and Leon Simons, with more than 25 years of experience in the procurement of packaging, logistics, and sustainability, Ecomax was seeking a platform that would support their mission to provide affordable, sustainable packaging materials. The challenge was to create a website that reflects the professionalism and sustainability of the brand, while also offering a user-friendly shopping experience.

Solution adopted an integrated approach by:

  • Developing a Sustainable and Professional Website: A site that reflects Ecomax’s core values, focusing on sustainability and cost efficiency. The site offers a direct link to the factory, allowing customers to purchase at lower costs.
  • Implementation of Volume Discounts: To encourage the purchase of larger quantities, a volume discount system was implemented. This system benefits both Ecomax and its customers by offering cost savings and encouraging larger purchases.


The website of Ecomax has enabled the company to effectively present and sell their range of sustainable packaging materials. The introduction of volume discounts has positively impacted sales volumes. Customers benefit from lower costs when purchasing larger quantities, while Ecomax positions itself as a preferred partner for affordable packaging solutions.


This case study demonstrates how has helped Ecomax strengthen their digital presence with a sustainable and professional website that highlights their commitment to affordable, sustainable packaging materials. By combining the expertise of founders Gerard and Leon with an effective online strategy, Ecomax has built a strong platform that meets the needs of their customers and contributes to a more sustainable future in the packaging industry. This project illustrates the importance of a thoughtful approach to web development and online marketing in achieving business objectives and increasing market penetration.


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