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Case Study: Zonnebrillenopsterkte.nl – Radiant Vision with WebCommitment.nl

Project Overview

WebCommitment.nl, an expert in developing websites, webshops, platforms, apps, and online marketing, has had the honor of collaborating with Zonnebrillenopsterkte.nl, the online specialist in fashion and sports sunglasses from top brands such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Tom Ford, Serengeti, Maui-Jim, and Julbo. Zonnebrillenopsterkte.nl not only offers the latest and most beautiful sunglasses of the moment but is also the go-to place for prescription sunglasses with original lenses, including options for a more affordable alternative with quality lenses from major glass manufacturers.


The challenge was to increase the online visibility and sales of Zonnebrillenopsterkte.nl in a competitive market. Specifically, the unique selling points of the company, such as the ability to order branded prescription sunglasses with original lenses, needed to be effectively communicated to a targeted audience.


WebCommitment.nl implemented a two-pronged strategy consisting of:

  • Google Ads: Development and execution of a customized Google Ads campaign to increase the visibility of Zonnebrillenopsterkte.nl. The campaign focused on highlighting the unique features of their offerings, such as the availability of prescription sunglasses with original lenses from top brands.
  • Google Shopping: Utilization of Google Shopping to showcase Zonnebrillenopsterkte.nl’s products directly in search results. This provided the opportunity to give potential customers a visual and direct link to the latest and most beautiful prescription sunglasses, significantly increasing the likelihood of conversion.


The implementation of Google Ads and Google Shopping has led to a significant increase in online visibility and sales for Zonnebrillenopsterkte.nl. Customers can now easily find their extensive collection of fashion and sports prescription sunglasses, resulting in a higher conversion rate and improved customer satisfaction.


The collaboration between WebCommitment.nl and Zonnebrillenopsterkte.nl illustrates the power of targeted online marketing in driving business growth and customer reach. By effectively utilizing Google Ads and Google Shopping, WebCommitment.nl has enabled Zonnebrillenopsterkte.nl to stand out in a competitive market and surpass their sales objectives. This project highlights the importance of a strategic online presence and the role of specialized marketing support in the success of e-commerce.


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