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Extended Case Study: – Innovation in Service Provision and Digital Marketing

Overview, developed by, is a groundbreaking web portal that connects service providers with recipients across various service areas. The platform facilitates efficient matching and communication between supply and demand in the service sector, supported by advanced technological solutions and online marketing strategies.

Technical Innovations

The technical architecture of was designed with a vision to provide seamless and effective service delivery, characterized by:

  • Partner Dashboard: A central dashboard for partners offers real-time insights into requests, progress, and performance analysis. This contributes to better decision-making and service delivery optimization.
  • API Integrations with CRM Systems: Integrations with popular CRM systems such as Teamleader, Zoho, and Pipedrive allow partners to efficiently manage their customer relationships and workflows within a familiar environment.
  • Automated Invoice Direct Debit: To streamline the financial transactions, automates the direct debit process, smoothing out the payment flow between customers and service providers.
  • Advanced Lead Distribution Algorithm: Based on set criteria such as geography, availability, and expertise, an intelligent algorithm fairly and efficiently distributes leads among partners.
  • Various Account Roles: The platform supports multiple user roles, including partners, customers, and suppliers, each with customized access and management capabilities to meet their specific needs.

Online Marketing Support

In addition to technical solutions, also provides comprehensive online marketing support to enhance the visibility and success of

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): By optimizing the website for search engines, increases its visibility, leading to an increase in organic traffic and potential leads.
  • SEA/Google Advertising: Targeted advertising campaigns on Google ensure immediate visibility for relevant searches, driving the acquisition of new customers.
  • Company Video: A professionally produced video presents’s unique value proposition, strengthens the brand, and improves user engagement on the platform.
  • Social Media Content & Advertising: Through active presence and advertising on social media, builds its brand identity, fosters customer interactions, and attracts new users.


The collaboration between and illustrates a perfect symbiosis of technological innovation and online marketing expertise. The result is a platform that not only improves operational efficiency for service providers but also transforms how customers access services. With a strong foundation in both technical solutions and digital marketing strategies, is well-positioned to lead the future of online service provision.


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